The parallels between the Amy Cooper story out of Central Park & the George Floyd killing by Park Police, Memorial Day, May 25, 2020

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*Ancient Mystery Religions = 119 *Kabbalah = 178

On the same day George Floyd was reportedly killed by PARK POLICE in Minneapolis, a killing that has been compared to the murder of Eric Garner, there was another act of racism in CENTRAL PARK, in New York, the city where Garner was killed. Adding insult to injury, in the story of Amy Cooper calling the police on a black man, she CHOKES her dog in the now viral video. As we decode ‘dog’, notice it sums to 26 like ‘Floyd’ and ‘park’, and keep in mind that the video of the killing of George Floyd went viral on the 26th of May.


For some additional gematria, notice the following.

One incident was in NYC.

*George = 39 *Amy = 39 *New York = 39 *NYC = 39 *NYC = 39

The other was in the Twin Cities.

42-year-old Stephen Jackson said George Floyd looked like his twin.

Amy Cooper has been fired. Notice the 42 and 93.

As for the ‘bird watching’ part. *Bird = 33 *Neck = 33 *New York = 33

*Bird Watching = 64 *Memorial Day = 64

*Asphyxiation = 64 *Eric Garner = 64

For one last point, May 25, 2020 had 70 date numerology.

5/25/2020 = 5+25+20+20 = 70

Read more about the George Floyd killing and ritual here:

We just saw the 223 rituals with the Ahmaud Arbery killing of February 23.

*Masonic = 223 (Jewish Gematria)

Notice how the emphasized phrase ‘Central Park Karen’ sums to 102.

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