The Tyre Nichols beating and death in light of Vice President Kamala Harris calling for the George Floyd Justice In Policing Act, February 1, 2023

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The Tyre Nichols death of January 10, 2023, came on Kamala Harris’ 83rd day of her age.

That also means the January 7 beating was 79 days after her birthday.

And keep in mind this is synced with her 58th birthday.

And notice she is calling for the passing of the ‘George Floyd Justice In Policing Act.’
George Floyd Justice In Policing Act = 158
Freemasonry = 158

The Tyre Nichols beating came 102 weeks and 3 days after Kamala took office.
George Perry Floyd = 102
Police = 102
Slavery = 102
*Nigger = 102

The video of the beating was released on the 102nd day of the NBA season.

And don’t forget the House approved the George Floyd Justice In Policing Act on March 3, 2021, the 30-year anniversary of the beating of Rodney King. Read about that here. Think about it, 3/3 and 30…
Police = 33 / 30

Also, today has 46 date numerology, and George Floyd was 46-years-old.
2/1/2023 = 2+1+20+23 = 46

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