Vera Lynn dies 74 days after Queen Elizabeth references her song in April 5, 2020 coronavirus address

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Queen Elizabeth referenced Vera Lynn’s song in her April 5th address.  Read about that here:

She has died 58 days after Queen Elizabeth’s 94th birthday.

Recall, Vera Margaret Lynn sums to 94, the full name of Vera Lynn.

The Tonnage Act of 1964 lead to the City of London Corporation.

Tonnage Act of 1694, emphasis on ’94

Remember, the Bank of England is 325 years old at the time of the pandemic. It will turn 326 on July 27, or 27/7.

Read about Catherine the Great and 94:

From the April 5 address, to Vera Lynn’s death, is 74 days later.

We know what 74 means.

Roman Catholicism = 74

You could also say it is a span of 75 days.

Remember, Vera Lynn’s song came out in 1939, the start of World War II, and is is recorded as a favorite song of soldiers from the war.

World War II ended in 1945, like the Queen’s 4/5 address.

2020 is 75 years after the end of the last World Wars.

Adding insult to injury, Vera Lynn has died on the 170th day of the year, connecting to ‘World War Three’.

Remember, the 21st card in the Tarot Deck, is the ‘world’ car.  The 20th card is judgement.  The 19th card is ‘sun’.  And here we are, with the sun cycles.

She has died 90 days after her birthday, or on her 91st day of her age. Keep in mind World War II began on 9/1, September 1, 1939, the year of her hit song.

The pandemic began while Vera Lynn was 102.

Social Distancing = 102

World War = 102

George Perry Floyd = 102

The American Civil War began on the 102nd day of 1861, April 12

The attacks on 9/11 lasted 102 minutes

Think about it.

Oh yes, and in light of World War III, let us not forget what Donald Trump did on May 6, 2020, the date we were looking at when we last talked about Vera Lynn in April:

Notice the reference to ’44. She has died on the 44 / 64 date, June 18, 2020.

6/18/2020 = 6+18+20+20 = 64

6/18/20 = 6+18+20 = 44

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