Visa applies for digital dollar blockchain patent, May 14, 2020, Israel’s 72nd birthday

Federal Financial Freemasonry Government Jewish Related New World Order

This digital currency patent was filed for on the 72nd anniversary of the establishment of Zionist Israel, the nation that was largely the brainchild of the Zionist banking family, the Rothschilds.  If you’re not familiar with this fact, look up the Balfour Declaration of November 2, 1917.

In light of the 72nd anniversary, notice money sums to 72.

As does Bitcoin, the most well known cryptocurrency.

Notice how the term ‘Digital Fiat Currency’ fits in with the ‘all seeing eye’ on the capstone of the U.S. dollar bill.

And in light of it coming on Israel’s birthday, let us not forget how ‘Star of David’ sums to 119.

*Orthodox = 119 *Ashkenazi Jews = 119

119 also connects to ‘Vatican’, and the date of May 14, or 14/5, like 145, connects to ‘Catholic’. Of course, it is the Catholic Church who is behind Israel, and who has the biggest bank vaults in the world.

May 14, or 14/5, like 145…

David Ben-Gurion declared Israel a nation May 14, 1948.

Read more about Israel and 145 here:

The illustration below for how the digital currency will work is HILARIOUS.

Do you see it?  The Freemason compass and square, above the word ‘architect’.

The G is in the Freemason logo stands for ‘Grand Architect’, which is God.  “In God We Trust”.

The article says the patent was first filed for November 8, 2019, a date with 58 numerology.

11/8/2019 = 11+8+20+19 = 58

May 14, 2020 had 59 date numerology.

5/14/2020 = 5+14+20+20 = 59

From November 8, 2019 to May 14, 2020 was 188-days later.

The U.S. dollar bill denominations adds up to 188.  

1+2+5+10+20+50+100 = 188

Read about Libra by the numbers here:

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