Joe Biden arrives in Israel on anniversary of Event 201, October 18, 2023

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Joe Biden is in Israel on October 18, the four year anniversary of Event 201. It is also the anniversary of Gerald Ford’s female president prediction, and Colin Powell’s death.The Jesuit Order = 201 As he arrives, they report that 3,500 people have died in Gaza. It goes with him being inaugurated on the 35th…

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Lee Harvey Oswald, another Event 201

Death Federal Government History Kennedy Curse Military Murder by Numbers

October 18, or 10/18, or Luke 10:18. Event 201, the coroanvirus pandemic simulation, was on October 18, 2019.The Holy Bible = 201The Jesuit Order = 201Order of Illuminati = 201 JFK killed in a big time Jesuit ritual. Lee Harvey Oswald died 37 days after his birthday, on the day leaving 37 days in the…

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Jill Biden tests positive for Covid-19 on September 5, 2023, on her 95th day of her age (Event 201 & Military World Games reminders) (and the fateful history of Joe Biden and 72)

Coronavirus Federal Government Jesuit News Pharmaceutical Tyranny Predictive Programming Secret Societies

This September 5, or 9/5, falls on Tuesday.Tuesday = 95 This date can also be written 5/9, and Biden was the 59th US Presidential Election. He also has 46 in common with JFK, where JFK was murdered at that age.John F. Kennedy = 59Pope Francis = 59 Anyhow, today is Jill Biden’s 95th day of…

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Medical Police’s January 10, 2020 release, 84 days after Event 201

Coronavirus Entertainment Predictive Programming

The Event 201 coronavirus pandemic simulation took place October 18, 2019, and was focused on an outbreak in Brazil. Notice this show about a conspiracy to release a deadly virus in Brazil released January 10, 2020, 84 days later.The Jesuit Order = 84 & 201 Let me know if you have time to watch this.…

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Perry Mason, The Case of the Double-Entry Mind, October 18, 1962 (57 years before Event 201)

Entertainment Freemasonry Jesuit News Secret Societies

Perry Mason? $201,000? This reminds me of the sale of the Masonic lodge behind the Oklahoma City Federal Building that was sold for $201,000. As we know, that building blew on the big Jesuit anniversary date, April 19, 1995. And notice where ‘Perry Mason’ equates with ‘Jesuit Order.’ The Case of the Double-Entry Mind =…

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Players for Event 201 picked, October 15, 2019

Banking Coronavirus Corporate History Pharmaceutical Tyranny Predictive Programming

Players? Remember when only 201 remain after the killing in Squid Game? October 15 through December 31, 2022 is a total of 78-days.Wuhan Coronavirus = 78Order Out of Chaos = 78Jesuit = 78 The pandemic was declared 78-days after Anthony Fauci’s birthday. From the day the “players” were picked, October 15, 2019, to the day…

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The first Americans evacuated from Wuhan, China after the coronavirus pandemic was declared were 201 in number, January 28, 2020, 102-days after Event 201

Coronavirus Jesuit Military New World Order Pharmaceutical Tyranny

201 Americans evacuated from Wuhan, China? Recall, Event 201 was the coronavirus pandemic simulation that took place on the same day the Military World Games began in Wuhan, China, October 18, 2019. That means this ritual on January 28 was 102-days later.Art of War = 102World War = 102Wuhan, China = 102 Notice they arrived…

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The first Cyber Polygon July 8, 2019, 102-days before Event 201, October 18, 2019

Catholic Church Coronavirus Cyber Attack / Hacking Jesuit New World Order News Predictive Programming

The Cyber Polygon event of 2020 was also on July 8. Recall, 322-days after that a fuel pipeline was shutdown with a cyber attack. Thus they are using the dates 7/8 and 7/9.Jesuit = 78-Order Out of Chaos = 78 / 222Society of Jesus = 79World Economic Forum = 222 (Sponsor of event) From July…

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Where Chelsea Handler’s and Heather McDonald’s vaccine related comedy-oops connect (The Jesuit Order – Event 201 & Beyond)

Coronavirus Entertainment Jesuit News Pharmaceutical Tyranny Predictive Programming Psychological Operation With regards to female comedians Chelsea Handler and Heather McDonald recently having “vaccine related” scares, notice they have history of working together on Chelsea Lately, Chelsea Handler’s E! channel series. And notice in this July 8, 2021 reporting, it covers how Heather McDonald has a fascination with fainting (and of course, she reportedly fainted…

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