98 killed in Sierra Leone explosion, Friday, November 5, 2021, Guy Fawkes Day, on 201st day since republic anniversary

Catholic Church Explosion History Jesuit Military Murder by Numbers New World Order News

This happened Friday, November 5, 2021, the day leaving 56 days in the year, the day known for the Guy Fawkes bombing plot. *Society of Jesus = 56 1998 was a historic year for Sierra Leone, where who controlled the land changed hands. Freetown?-This comes a span of 74-days from January 18, 2022, the anniversary…

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Greta Thunberg says COP26 is a failure on Guy Fawkes Day, November 5, 2021, in latest Jesuit ritual

Celebrity Climate Change / Environment Jesuit New World Order News

This news comes November 5, the day leaving 56 days in the year. Of course, Greta Thunberg is miss C.C.Climate Change = 56Society of Jesus = 56 Read more about Greta Thunberg, Climate Change, and the number 56 here. Read more about Greta by the numbers here. Also, in light of the ritual coming on…

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Hugues de Payens ‘Latin Rule’ document, the 72 orders to be a member of the Knights Templar

Catholic Church History Jesuit Knights Templar

https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hugues_de_Payens First, notice that Hugues de Payens died May 24, what is now the 144th day of the Gregorian Calendar Year.Jesuit Order = 144 / 72-Think of JFK’s meeting with the Pope, July 2, a span of 144 days from his death As for the name ‘Latin Rule’, it equates to 112, reminding of the…

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Before you march in the “Million Mask March” with your “Guy Fawkes Mask” please know that you’ll be marching to the tune of the Illuminati (the Jesuit Order)

Catholic Church Entertainment Jesuit New World Order

Remember, the Jesuit, Guy Fawkes, attempted to blow up British Parliament, November 5, 1605, with the Gunpowder Plot. In history, Guy Fawkes died 72 days before his birthday. He died 72 years after the Jesuits were created in 1534-1534 to 1606 is 72 years… And the Jesuits were created on a date with 72 numerology.8/15/1534…

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Nikki Haley steps out of the 2024 election, making Donald Trump unofficially, but also officially, the Republican nominee (as predicted years ago)

Catholic Church Federal Government Jesuit News Predictive Programming

I’ve been saying for over three years that Donald Trump is coming back in a Grover Cleveland ritual. Today, he is another giant step closer to that becoming true.Grover=77 (Trump is 77-years-old)Cleveland=78 (Trump will turn 78 on June 14, 2024) Today is 266 days after Trump’s birthday (or 38 weeks).Election=38 *Colorado=38 *DC on the 38th…

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Maryanne Trump Barry, eldest sister of Donald Trump, dead at 86, November 13, 2023

Death Elections Federal Government Murder by Numbers News Sports

Remember when Bill and Hillary came out to concede to Trump and they were both wearing Purple? Remember when Trump came out to Queen, We Are The Champions, 88 days after Queen Elizabeth’s birthday? Of course, the Royal Family wears purple.Purple=88Trump=88 Oprah interviewed Trump and asked him about the Presidency in ’88. And don’t forget…

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Netanyahu says no ceasefire until hostage crisis is over, Friday, November 3, 2023, the day before the 44th anniversary of the Iranian hostage crisis with Jimmy Carter

Federal Government History Islam Jesuit Jewish Related Military News Terrorism War

Remember, Jimmy Carter is forever connected to the Iranian Hostage Crisis. Now we have the situation with Iranian backed Hamas, and hostages. His death is imminent. https://www.jimmycarterlibrary.gov/research/additional-resorces/hostage-crisis-in-iran The Iranian hostage crisis lasted 444 days, ending with the transition from Jimmy Carter to Ronald Reagan, a Democrat with a Republican. November 4, 2023 will be the…

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Assassination of Meir Kahane, November 5, 1990, and the upcoming 33rd anniversary in light of Israel’s war with Hamas

Death History Jesuit Jewish Related Murder by Numbers Predictive Programming Shooting

https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Assassination_of_Meir_Kahane His birth name is as equally interesting as his original name.Martin David Kahane = 155 / 74 / 304 / 106–Christianity=155-Jesus=74 & 34-Prophecy=106 He was killed in Manhattan, on the 74th Meridian, where the WTCs came down. And regarding the 106, again, the Balfour Declaration will turn 106 years old, November 2, 2023, three…

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Donald Trump Jr.’s X account posts his father is dead, September 20, 2023, four days after RFK Jr.’s assassination scare

Catholic Church Death Entertainment History Jesuit Predictive Programming

https://www.cnn.com/2023/09/20/tech/donald-trump-jr-x-twitter-hacked/index.html This news comes September 20, the 263rd day of the year. Notice, it was falsely announced that Donald Trump died today. And this comes just 4 days after RFK Jr.’s assassination scare, September 16, which was 263 days before June 5, 2024, the 56th anniversary of his father being shot on that day in…

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Tupac’s death in light of Jimmy Iovine & Ted Fields, the founders of Interscope Records

Celebrity Corporate Death Jesuit Murder by Numbers

Tupac’s record label was Interscope.Interscope = 56Society of Jesus = 56 The Makaveli album with Tupac on the cross was put out on Guy Fawkes Day, November 5, 1996, the day leaving 56 days in the year. Tupac died 58 months after his first album was put out, and he died on Cesare Borgia’s birthday.Tupac…

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