Sandy Hook, TOPS Buffalo Shooting and The Hunger Games

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In a previous post and video I showed how one of the attorneys for the Sandy Hook Parents who sued Remington Arms, made the direct link between the Sandy Hook shooting and the Buffalo, New York Tops Supermarket shooting.

I always gave the timeline that illustrates how Sandy Hook directly lead to Tops Buffalo, NY as far as legislation goes.

The key date is November 12th, 2019 when the Republican majority Supreme Court refused to so much as grant Remington Arms a hearing, and did not enforce the Federal legislation that protects firearms manufacturers and sellers from liability for the actions of their customers or other parties.

New York State – through Attorney General Liticia James immediately publicly applauded the decision which was the first indication of things to come in New York State. New York then became the first state to pass a law that made it possible for gun manufacturers and sellers to be held liable of the actions of others, once it saw that even a Republican majority Supreme Court would not enforce the PLCAA. It was obvious what would happen next: New York would get a chance – very soon – to get what it wanted: a chance to sue gun manufacturers out of existence.

Gun manufacturer Glock is first up, for its use by Frank James in the April 12th, 2022 New York City subway shooting. Tops was a month later. Bushmaster was used in that one.

There is distinct and other patterns to the elements of Sandy Hook, Buffalo and popular culture. The state of Connecticut is a major factor. Sandy Hook is in Connecticut.

I mentioned in my previous post how the Brady Bill handgun legislation is related. It was drafted when White House Press Secretary James Brady was shot in the head the John Hinckley Jr. attempted to assassinate Ronald Reagan. This was at the Hilton Hotel in Washington D.C. on Connecticut Avenue.

Had Reagan died then George H W Bush would have been President. He is the best known member of Skull and Bones secret society that is head quartered in New Haven, Connecticut.

There is important symbolism regarding the location of the shooting: a supermarket. After Tops was closed free shuttle bus services had to be implemented to ferry shoppers to the nearest grocery stores which were a long distance away. Low income areas with limited access to healthy affordable food are called “food deserts”, and are common in every state.

This comes as food prices rise around the world and in the United States, a record number of food processing and food distribution plants are being destroyed by fire…..

And the supply chain is being choked with containerships unable to offload their cargo at U.S. ports.

“Hunger” is a theme here. Some feel that the dystopian book and movies “The Hunger Games” are relevant here, if not predictive. The Hunger Games depicts the United States after an economic collapse where power and wealth is held by a very minuscule minority, and the rest of the country – divided into 13 districts – experiences poverty and starvation.

Think of the name of the first movie of the series: “Catching Fire” and it relates to the unprecedented rate of food distribution and processing centers burning to the ground.

To add to the Connecticut connection: The Hunger Games was written by Suzanne Collins.

Suzanne Collins is not only a native of Connecticut, but – at least at the time of releasing The Hunger Games books – lived in Newtown Connecticut; home of Sandy Hook Elementary School.

This is from a Connecticut news website:

One of the top competitive archers in the United States Richard “Butch” Johnson is from Woodstock, Connecticut. Connecticut has the biggest archery range in the North East of the United States.

A main symbol of The Hunger Games is the arrow. The Tops Supermarket logo can be interpreted (two dimensionally) as an arrow to the right of a diamond.

In The Hunger Games President Coriolanus Snow gives a grand speech to Panem – the new name of the previous United States of America ( Panem is “bread” in Latin), with similar symbols to the Tops logo if it is turned 90 degrees with the arrow pointed upward.

The archer and arrow are symbols of Sagittarius zodiac sign. The first Hunger Games film was released on November 22nd, 2013 which is the first day of Sagittarius.

Sagittarius is a fire sign in astrology, to go along with the “catching fire” and bow and arrow theme.

The release date November 22nd is written 11-22.

The accused Tops supermarket shooter is Payton S Gendron. In the Sumerian cipher of English gematria his name sums to 1122, like the release date of The Hunger Games.

In the base ciphers of English gematria “SHOOTING” and “ARCHER” have double overlap.


103 is huge in the Tops shooting: There were 10 killed, 3 injured, for a 103.

The related Brady Bill that is the best known gun control legislation in the United States, think of “BILL” as it relates to Buffalo’s NFL franchise. The Brady Bill gun control legislation was passed by the 103rd U.S. Congress.

The Buffalo Bills will play in the opening game of the upcoming 103rd NFL season whose starting QuarterBack Matt Stafford attended the same Dallas High School Highland Park as did John Hinckley Jr. who shot Ronald Reagan and James Brady leading to the Brady Bill.

The most famous Buffalo Bill is O.J. Simpson whose famous trial ended on 10-3 October 3rd.

The tagline of The Hunger Games Catching Fire: “remember who the enemy is” sums to 103.

The subtitle “CATCHING FIRE” sums to 103.

Before the famous Dunblane Primary School shooting brought the hammer down on gun ownership rights in Britain, there was the Hungerford mass shooting in Hungerford, England that lead to initial gun restrictions. The name Hunger-ford is related to the supermarket mass shooting theme.

The zodiac sign of Sagittarius is ruled by the planet Jupiter. Jupiter is Zeus to Greece. The highest achievement in archery is the Olympic gold medal. The original Olympics honored the chief deity of Mount Olympus who is Zeus.

The glyph for the planet Jupiter looks like a number 24.

The 2024 Olympics will be held in Paris, France, the birth place of the Jesuit Order who venerate Jupiter. The logo of the Paris Olympics is not a 24 as people are lead to believe, but a glyph for the planet Jupiter.

House passes “Protect Our Kids Act” 223-204, June 8, 2022

Federal Government Gun Control Jesuit News

The .223 round is most common with the AR-15, so how fitting the vote was passed 223-204, in an effort to raise the age of purchase from 18 to 21 for assault rifles.
Protecting Our Kids Act = 95
Jesuit = 21
-Jesuits created to counter 95 Theses
-The Synagogue of Satan = 223
-Six Hundred Sixty Six = 95

And notice this comes on June 8, or 6/8.
CIA = 68

Survivors of gun violence testify at House hearing, Wednesday, June 8, 2022

Federal Government Gun Control Jesuit Mass Shooting News Psychological Operation

On June 8, 2022, Congress is hearing the testimony of mass shooter survivors.
6/8/2022 = 6+8+20+22 = 56
Washington D.C. = 56
Society of Jesus = 56
Mind Control = 56
All Seeing Eye = 56

And it is mostly focused on the Buffalo and Uvalde shootings. In the case of Buffalo, the shooting happened 56-days before OJ Simpson’s upcoming birthday, and the store was opened on his 56th birthday. In the case of Uvalde, the shooter went to the high school that simulated an active shooter situation exactly 56-days before his May 16 birthday (March 21 simulation).

And don’t forget Biden’s gun control speech, with 56 candles…

As for the 6/8 or 8/6 date…
CIA = 68
Terror = 86
Blood Sacrifice = 86
Human Sacrifice = 86

And don’t forget that in Buffalo, the shooter reportedly cased the store on March 8, a span of 68-days from the May 14, 2022 shooting.

The biggest focuses of the day is on 11-year-old Miah Cerrillo.
Miah Cerrillo = 201

Notice the video of her testimony is 3:22 long (322). And recall, the shooting was 322-days after George W. Bush’s birthday, who recently gave his speech on ‘domestic terrorism.’

On the 56th day of the year, Ukraine handed out guns to their people, and then with 56 candles around him, Joe Biden attempted to disarm America, June 2, 2022

Catholic Church Gun Control Jesuit Mass Shooting News Politics Psychological Operation War World War

This was the news February 25, 2022, the 56th day of the year.

And this was Joe Biden, June 2, 2022, pleading with Americans to give up their Second Amendment, with 56 candles at his side.
Washington D.C. = 56
Society of Jesus = 56
Mind Control = 56
All Seeing Eye = 56
Kyiv, Ukraine = 56

As we know, this number is being used in many rituals to take away right and liberties and to reshape the world in the image of the Society of Jesus (Jesuit Order).

Think of this goon telling you to give up your rights and liberties because some elderly died in a nursing home from something that was originally coined as seasonal flu in 1968 (coronavirus).

Gavin Newsom = 56 (56% of California will get coronavirus in 8-weeks…. 56-days…)
Cuomo, 56th Governor of New York (and a Jesuit)
Covid-19 pandemic in 2020, 56-years after Trump’s Jesuit education began at Fordham
And the list goes on…
And don’t forget the nation began with 56 signers on the Declaration of Independence…
And don’t forget the FBI’s 56 field offices

Read about Sandy Hook and 56 here.

Read about the Buffalo Tops shooting and 56 here.

Philadelphia shooting of June 4, 2022 comes 64-days before Mayor Kenney’s 64th birthday, leaving 3-dead and 11-injured

Federal Government Gun Control Mass Shooting News Politics Psychological Operation
It was chaos = Shooting
It was chaos = Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

This shooting occurred at the tail end of June 4, 2022, or 6/4, like 64.
311, 64th prime
201 is 311 in base 8 counting
South Street = 64 / 44
Kill = 64 / 44
Shooting = 44

Saturday = 109 / 107 *Shooting = 109 / 107

And if that wasn’t enough, the shooting also came 64-days before the Mayor’s 64th birthday.

He won on May 19 (139th day of the year) *Gun Control = 139

And notice his Twitter handle.

Jim #VaxUpPhilly Kenney = 101
Philadelphia = 101 / 65

And notice this shooting is the news for June 5, 2022, or 6/5, like 65.
Philadelphia = 65
-Established Oct. 27, the day leaving 65-days in the year

11:30 PM *113…

And notice it happened in the ‘Queen Village’ while the Queen’s Jubilee is a big focus in the news. Again, these rituals are by the numbers, and often themed.

Adding to the ritual, the victims were taken to Thomas Jefferson University Hospital. Of course, the recent Buffalo shooting was on Jefferson Ave., and the Uvalde shooting was along Jefferson Highway.

CNN reported this was the 239th mass shooting of the year. Of course, I’m sure you remember when I explained why Super Bowl 52, where the Eagles beat the Patriots, would be between those two teams on September 23, or 23/9, thanks to the U.S. Flag being sewn at 239 Arch Street in Philadelphia, and where 239 is the 52nd prime number (Patriots have flag on their helmet).
6/4/2022 = 6+4+20+22 = 52
239, 52nd prime

Also noteworthy, the news coverage of the shooting, June 5, 2022, comes on Governor Tom Wolf’s 201st day of his age, June 5, 2022, a date written 6/5, or 5/6.
The Jesuit Order = 201
Society of Jesus = 56

You could also say the shooting came 199-days after his birthday (46th prime)
-June 4 can be written 4/6
-Ordo Ab Chao = 46
-Chaos = 46
-Masontown = 46
-You might recall the September 19, 2018 shooting in Pennsylvania (19/9)
-That day Tom Wolf’s office blocked my phone number

Read about the September 19, 2018 Masontown shooting here.

30 .223 rounds and 7 .40 rounds fired at Tulsa’s St. Francis Hospital on June 1, 2022, the 101st anniversary of the race riots, per Chief Wendell Franklin

Gun Control Jesuit Mass Shooting Medical Murder by Numbers News Politics Secret Societies
Red flag law = 44 *Shooting = 44 *Mass Shooter = 44 *Gunfire = 44

Read about the Tulsa, Oklahoma shooting of June 1, 2022, the 101st anniversary of the Tulsa race riots here. Since the news broke, they’ve now added the “gun control” details. But as you’ll see in the prior post, they reported 37 shots were fired at the hospital.
Saint Francis = 37
Shooting = 37
Hospital = 37
Wednesday = 37

Notice the story of the shooter begins on May 19, the 139th day of the year, for the continued encoding of ‘gun control.’ This is when he got back surgery that left him in pain.

Read about the assaults weapons ban of September 13, or 13/9/1994.

Then they added the detail he was released from the hospital on May 24, the date of the Uvalde shooting, the 144th day of the year.

Again, this shooting happened at St. Francis, and the first Jesuit Pope is Pope Francis.

Then they’re saying he bought his handgun on May 29, the day of the Taft, Oklahoma shooting, the 149th day of the year, when Taft was the first President who was part of Skull and Bones, at Yale… like how this June 1 (6/1 shooting) was at 6161 Yale Avenue.

Read about the Taft, Oklahoma shooting here.

And once again, ‘four’ are dead. Again, 4 is the number associated with death.

The shooter’s name ‘Michael Louis’ equates with Tulsa Race Riots.

The main victim was Dr. Preston Phillips, who performed the surgery the shooter was unhappy about.

197, 45th prime
Ritual = 45
Racism = 45

He is also black, like the shooter.

It explains why for the 101st anniversary, Chief Wendell Franklin told the story of what happened in the hospital. *Chief Wendell Franklin = 101 *Assassin = 101

Assassin on June 1, or 6/1 @ 6161 Yale Ave.

Chief Wendell Franklin = 191, Society of Jesus = 191
Cheif Wendell Franklin = 106, Greenwood = 106

233 mass shootings? Saint Francis Hospital?
Saint Francis Hospital = 233
233, 51st prime
Mass Shooting = 51
Back Pain = 51 (Reason for shooting)
Federal = 51

Natalie Medical Building = 97 / 137 / 187 / 407
-Washington D.C. = 137 / 187
-Brotherhood of Death = 187
-Society of Jesus = 187
-Death = 97

For more…

Natalie Building = 68 / 94
Back Surgery = 68 (The shooter was not happy with his back surgery)
Terror = 68 / 94
CIA = 68
-Back Surgery = 49
-Gun Control = 49
-Washington = 49
-America = 49

Michael Louis = 127
Natalie Building = 127
Scottish Rite of Freemasonry = 127
Bavarian Illuminati = 127

The Tops Buffalo Shooting and Legend of Tim McCarthy; O.J. Signed by the Buffalo Bills

Federal Gun Control Mass Shooting Mind Control News Psychological Operation Rambo's Corner Sports Stabbing Terrorism

With mass shootings and elementary school attacks dominating the news in the United States, there are a few quick facts that many may not be aware of, and that I point out in my latest video:

Sandy Hook was perpetrated by Adam Lanza who used a Bushmaster rifle made by Remington. Remington Arms was sued by Sandy Hook families, and settled out of court. The original Remington company no longer exists.

Author Jim Fetzer was sued in a Wisconsin court – by Sandy Hook parent Leonard Pozner – for writing a book that states that Sandy Hook was a hoax.

The name of the judge who ruled that Fetzer was guilty of defamation is Remington; Wisconsin Dane County circuit Judge Frank Remington.

There is also the less-known fact of twin events. Sandy Hook Elementary School attack happened on December 14th, 2012. On that exact same day, December 14th, 2012 an elementary school – called primary school outside of the United States – in China Chenpeng Village Primary School was attacked by a 36 year-old man, although not with a gun. Min Yongjun slashed 23 children and one teacher with a large knife.

Grown men rampaging against elementary schools should be a super-rare, outlier event, yet they occur twice on the exact same day. I discuss the effect of traumatizing children at that a young age in my video “TOPS Supermarket Shooting and Sandy Hook’s Effect on Rights, The Symbol of the Elementary School”.

With mass shootings and gun control being the major topics of the moment I brought up the best known and most recognizable of gun control laws the Brady Bill, in my last post. There is more of a connection between the Brady Bill and the Tops Buffalo shooting. The city of Buffalo is known for one thing above all others and that is their National Football League team the Buffalo Bills, so Brady Bill fits the theme of the incident.

As I stated in my last post the Brady Bill was so-named after White House Press Secretary James Brady was shot in the head when John Hinckley Jr. attacked President Ronald Reagan. White House Press Secretary relates to the Buffalo shooting since a new White House Press Secretary started office the previous day.

Timothy McCarthy

A hero of the Ronald Reagan, James Brady shooting, who was also shot – in fact it is surprising that he is not more famous – is Secret Service agent Tim McCarthy (above right, in this iconic image before John Hinckley Jr. opens fire) who is credited with saving Reagan’s life by taking a bullet in the chest for him when he shielded the President on March 30th, 1981.

Tim McCarthy down after being hit by a shot from John Hinckley Junior.

Tim McCarthy has the same birthday June 20th, as Payton S Gendron the accused Tops supermarket shooter.

The football connection here is that Tim McCarthy played Strong Safety for the University of Illinois.

He was awarded with the NCAA Award of Valor.

McCarthy is on the left

Irish Theme and Twin Symbolism

An interesting fact about the Reagan shooting is that 4 people were shot and all 4 were Irish: Reagan, Brady, McCarthy and D.C. police officer Tom Delahanty. We also currently have an Irish President of the United States in Joe Biden.

If these are riddles associated with the next Super Bowl, as it could be, given that Buffalo is pretty much known primarily as the home of the Bills, then it is noteworthy that their Head Coach is Irish: Sean McDermott.

  • There is heavy twin symbolism, so the Minnesota Vikings, from the twin cities of Minneapolis-St. Paul might somehow be able to make it to Super Bowl LVII, Gemini = 57 in gematria.
  • Their Head Coach would fit the Irish theme, if that is part of a riddle. Kevin O’Connell is the Vikings’ young Head Coach.
  • Kevin O’Connell is a Gemini, but not just a Gemini born on any date; O’Connell – the Head Coach of the Minnesota franchise – is born May 25th, like the date in 2020 that George Floyd was famously killed in the twin city.
  • Payton S Gendron and Secret Service agent Tim McCarthy both born June 20th are Gemini.
  • John Hinckley Jr. who shot McCarthy, Brady and Reagan, is a Gemini, in fact he shares John F Kennedy’s May 29th birthday.
  • Buffalo Bills Quarter Back Josh Allen was born on May 21st which, along with being the last day of Taurus is also the first day of Gemini, so he is a Gemini.

The name most associated with Ireland is Patrick which is Josh Allen’s middle name.

The symbol for Gemini is twins. The name Thomas means “twin”.

  • Fundraising and morale-boosting efforts in Buffalo are being lead by NFL Hall of Fame and Buffalo Bills legend who still lives in the city, Running Back Thurman Thomas.
  • If not the twin city Vikings, then maybe the Thomas code could apply to Tom Brady of the Buccaneers who is married to a twin Gisele Bundchen.


If you think of a football player named O.J. who is associated with the Buffalo Bills and was involved in a racially provocative incident you would assume O.J. Simpson.

The Buffalo Bills just signed Tight End O.J. Howard from the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. At the very top of his Wikipedia bio, it highlights:

It highlights that: “As a high school junior, Howard was asked not to bring a white girl to the Autauga Academy prom because the school’s board of directors objected to interracial dating”.

Howard is pictured in a Buccaneers jersey because he only just signed for the Buffalo Bills in the off-season.

Super Bowl LVII will be in State Farm Stadium in Glendale, Arizona which is the site of O.J. Howard winning the NCAA championship with the University of Alabama in a game (vs Clemson) where he was the offensive MVP in 2016.

Chris Jacobs, Buffalo born & Jesuit educated, supports an assault weapons ban, May 28, 2022 news

Federal Government Gun Control Jesuit Mass Shooting News Psychological Operation

Notice, Jesuit educated Chris Jacobs (Boston College) is on board with the assault weapons ban, a Buffalo native.

Notice the 103 in his name.

In Buffalo they’re reporting 10 dead, 3 injured.

And again, the store opened on OJ Simpson’s birthday, where his trial ended on 10/3.

And this story comes just before the Bills 103rd NFL season.
Jesuits = 103

The Buffalo shooting happened 167-days after his birthday.
167, 39th prime
New York = 39
Federal = 39
Masonry = 39

The Uvalde shooting happened 177-days after his birthday.
The Jesuit Order = 177
-Jesuit Order = 144
-144th day of the year shooting

Recall the school’s motto in Uvalde equates to 177 and 201.
Together We Rise = 177 / 201
The Jesuit Order = 177 / 201

Why it matters 19 children were killed at Robb Elementary School while 19 police officers stood down as shots were fired, May 24, 2022

Federal Government Gun Control Jesuit Mass Shooting Murder by Numbers New World Order News Police State Politics Psychological Operation

19 children were killed at Robb Elementary School, while 19 police officers stood down in the hallway?

Robb = 9+6+2+2 = 19

Remember, on 9/11, they told you there were 19 hijackers and the feds recovered all of their passports, and that was in 2001, 19-years before 2020, the year of the Covid-19 pandemic. Again, the Jesuit-Masonic motto is ORDER OUT OF CHAOS.

In the aftermath of the Robb shooting, countless politicians and people following the lead of politicians are calling for infringements on our rights and liberties.

And keep in mind days before the Robb Elementary shooting, you had the Buffalo shooting which came 19-weeks before the Mayor Byron Brown’s upcoming birthday, and where the shooter was born June 20, 2003, 19-days before the store opened on July 9, 2003, the 190th day of the year, the 19th triangular number. Of course at Buffalo and Robb, both shooters were 18, meaning in their 19th year of life.