Payton S. Gendron charged with federal hate crimes, June 15, 2022, by the numbers

Federal Government Jesuit Legal Mass Shooting News Psychological Operation Racism

How about that white mask for the white supremacist?

I have years of posts on how ‘hate crime’ news comes on the 46 dates. Well, today leaves 199 days left in the year, the 46th prime number. *Hate Crime=46

Read about the Ahmaud Arbery example here.

Read about Jussie Smollett and the ‘hate crime’ ritual here.

Read more about hate crimes and 46 here.

And adding to the ritual, this comes a span of 33-days from the May 14, 2022 attack.

That number is connected to the contrived ‘race war,’ again and again.

Read about Dylann Roof’s ‘race war’ and his 33 charges.

And adding further to the ritual, this comes on a date with 63 numerology, reminding that Kathy Hochul and Byron Brown are both 63-years-old.
6/15/2022 = 6+15+20+22 = 63

It’s exactly 360-days after Gendron’s June 20 birthday *Buffalo=36 *Racism=36

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