Alpo Martinez 3:30 AM murder on 147th Street (near Frederick Douglas Boulevard), on Halloween, October 31, 2021

Catholic Church Celebrity Drug War Entertainment Jesuit Murder by Numbers Police State Racism Secret Societies Shooting

Alpo Martinez was murdered on Halloween, October 31, 2021, the anniversary of the 95 These being pinned to Castle Church (Halloween = 95). That matters for a few reasons. Notice he was born June 8, or 6/8, like 68.-Castle Church = 68-Catholicism = 68-Cameron Giles = 68 (The actor who plays the part of Alpo…

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The Boule’s Martin Luther King Jr. ritual in Philadelphia over Atlanta, June 18, 2021, on 68th anniversary of MLK’s wedding

Catholic Church Entertainment History Jesuit Sports

Game 6 of the NBA Finals was on the 68 year anniversary of MLK’s wedding, June 18, 1953, and MLK is from Atlanta, where the game was, Philadelphia @ Atlanta (Philadelphia, home of Boule, now HQ’d in Atlanta).–Basketball = 68–Mathematics = 68–Catholicism = 68–MLK assassinated in ’68 (Atlanta lost the game)-Atlanta Hawks debuted MLK jersey…

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Is Kwame Brown going after media and celebrities proof he is legit? Is he only going half way? Is it a coincidence he began getting attention on the Boule’s birthday?

Secret Societies Sports Staged Media / Controlled Opposition

So far I haven’t heard him say one thing about fixed sports, and that is likely because he made over $64-million in the NBA. That said, he is making some very true points… while making it all about race, black and white, black and white. And for these reasons, I think this is all part…

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Michael Jordan will induct Kobe Bean Bryant into the NBA Hall of Fame, May 15, 2021, the Boule’s birthday

Celebrity Entertainment Secret Societies Sports

Last year Kobe Bryant’s autopsy released on this date, the Boule’s birthday. Notice the 23 and 8 in the photo, kind of like Kobe Bryant’s 23/8 birthday. And notice Michael Jordan equates to 238, as well as 113. Read about Kobe Bryant playing his last game exactly 678-weeks after Jordan’s last game here.Michael Jordan =…

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Chadwick Boseman died on the 106th day of the Boule’s age in massive Jackie Robinson & Black Panther ritual

Black Lives Matter Celebrity Entertainment Murder by Numbers Racism Secret Societies Sports

Chadwick Boseman, who played Jackie Robinson and Black Panther, died on the 106th day of the Boule’s age. He also died on the birthday of Jack Kirby, the author of Black Panther, and on what was celebrated as Jackie Robinson Day by the MLB for 2020, August 28. Notice how the 106 riddle ties things…

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Rep. John Lewis died at 80, July 17, 2020, on the Boule’s 64th day of its age, the same day as CT Vivian

Celebrity Federal Government Murder by Numbers Racism

Read about CT Vivian’s July 17, 2020 death here: Earlier today I wrote about MLK dying 80 days after his birthday, April 4, 1968, in relation to the Boule, and CT Vivian dying on the 64th day of the Boule’s age. Read more about MLK here: 64. Remember, this came on a date…

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Coroner releases Kobe Bryant’s autopsy on Boule’s birthday, May 15, 2020

Entertainment Murder by Numbers Secret Societies Sports

This news comes May 15, the Boule’s birthday, and of course Kobe Bryant was a Boule member.  Read my prior post on Kobe’s death in relation to the Boule’s date of establishment: Today begins the organization’s 117th year of existence.

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Sigma Pi Phi, the Boule, and the Number 55 | Where Greek Isopsephy meets English Gematria

Murder by Numbers Secret Societies

Sigma, 18th letter. Pi, 16th letter. Phi, 21st letter. If you add the three letters together, they sum to 55. 18+16+21 = 55 The Boule, also known as Sigma Pi Phi, have the heavy 55 connections. Recall, we just talked about Kobe Bryant dying on the 257th day of the Boule’s 115th year of existence,…

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Yolanda King, MLK Jr.’s daughter, dead on The Boule’s 103rd birthday

Boule Entertainment Murder by Numbers

Her birthday is November 17, the day leaving 44-days left in the year, a number connecting the deaths of her father, MLK, and her grandfather, MLK Sr. She died in Santa Monica, a place where many die prematurely. Read my prior post on The Boule and the deaths of Martin Luther King Jr., his…

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The Boule & premature deaths of Martin Luther King Jr., his brother, his nephew, and his mother & father

Boule History Jesuit Military Murder by Numbers Racism

Let’s explore a theme that relates to the family of Martin Luther King Jr. and the numerous tragic deaths within, from his, to his brother’s, to his brother’s son’s, to his mother’s, to his father’s.  There is a strong ‘Boule’ theme here, which MLK was a member of. *Satan = 80 *Baphomet = 80 *Bavarian…

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