From Frank Remington’s ruling against Jim Fetzer in favor of Lenny Pozner to Remington settling with the Sandy Hook families 139-weeks later

Censorship Government Gun Control Jesuit Jewish Related Legal News

Link. Frank Remington? This ruling was issued Monday, June 17, 2019 and the news broke June 18, 2019. Notice, the Remington settlement for Sandy Hook families comes 139-weeks later, February 15, 2022. That’s the ‘gun control’ number. *Gun Control = 139 Keep in mind this latest news comes one day after the Parkland anniversary, or…

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Sandy Hook families win legal victory against Alex Jones in defamation case, November 15, 2021

Celebrity Controlled Opposition Entertainment Gun Control Jesuit Jewish Related Legal New World Order News Psychological Operation As we know, Sandy Hook was a very “56” Jesuit ritual. And that is where ‘defamation’ fits in. Sandy Hook established in ’56Shooting 56-years later (2012)Adam Peter Lanza = 56*Society of Jesus = 56 Notice AP posted 56 minutes after the hour. InfoWars = 42Jesuit = 42Austin = 42Alex = 42-Born on 42nd day…

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Supreme Court looks to medieval England (1328) for an answer on gun control, November 2, 2021 news (Sandy Hook shots and Covid-19 shots)

Federal Government Jesuit

What a story for 11/2, gun rights, the U.S.A. and the U.K. Here’s why the news coming on 11/2 reminds me of Sandy Hook and Dunblane.Sandy Hook = 112-112 pound Adam Lanza-Adam Lanza born on 112th day of the year-A.L. is 1.12.Mathematics = 112Catholicism = 112-All roads lead to Rome (especially when we’re on their…

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Gabby Petito was in 2013 ‘Irreplaceable’ music video for Sandy Hook, September 27, 2021 whopper

Catholic Church Jesuit Mass Shooting New World Order News

As we discussed, Gabby Petito’s story is a JESUIT ritual, and this news comes September 27, 2021, the anniversary of the Jesuits being recognized by the Roman Catholic Church, September 27, 1540. As we have also discussed, Sandy Hook was clearly a Jesuit ritual. Also, notice the encoding of ’82’ in ‘Irreplaceable’, a number that…

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House passes bill that would grant DC statehood, April 22, 2021, the 112th day of the year

Catholic Church Federal Government Jesuit New World Order News Politics

This news comes on the anniversary of the birthday of Adam Lanza, April 22, 2021, the 112th day of the year, a number important to the Roman Catholic Church, as well as the Jesuits, who operate in D.C., and claim to come from and operate in 112 countries. And please don’t forget that the calendar…

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Patrick Dragon, Sandy Hook shooting first responder, dies from Covid-19, January 5, 2021 news

Coronavirus Government Mass Shooting News

Notice how they’re sure to get the 56 captured in the photo, via the license plate. As we’ve been discussing, both coronavirus and the Sandy Hook School shooting are Jesuit agendas. Furthermore, notice how the name ‘Patrick Dragon’ fits in. *Coronavirus = 56 *Pandemic = 65 Of course Sandy Hook was established in 1956, meaning…

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Banned from YouTube | The funny thing about Sandy Hook’s football championship, December 14, 2019, the 7-year anniversary of the Sandy Hook mass shooting

Censorship Uncategorized

This video was banned 77-days after the December 14, 2019 game and story. A core message in the video is the Jewish / Zionist movement against freedom of speech, and this proves further than I’m dead on. You’ll notice in the video, the number 112 is the theme, in the Jewish / Zionist operation that…

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Newtown High wins state championship on 7-year anniversary of Sandy Hook school shooting, December 14, 2019

News Sports

Jack Street throws the winning TD… on the anniversary of Sandy Hook? Read more about 112 and Sandy Hook here: And how about that winning score of 13-7, after 7 late points on the 7 year anniversary of Sandy Hook?  It was ‘Riley’ who caught the winner for ‘Newtown’. For one more 33, they…

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NRA holds 2022 convention in Houston after Uvalde, similar to 1999, when they held a convention in Denver, after Columbine

Corporate Freemasonry History Jesuit Mass Shooting News Politics Psychological Operation Secret Societies Shooting

Just like in 1999, the NRA is holding its annual conference in the state of a mass shooting just days after its occurrence, and not by accident, but because of planned ritual. In 1999 it was Denver, and in 2022 it is Houston. Notice, ‘Houston’ equates to 112, like the 9-1-1 call was reportedly made…

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Lt. Mariano Pargas says children at Uvalde needed rescuing, Monday, November 14, 2022 news

Government Mass Shooting News Police State

Recall this massive 47 ritual with the Uvalde shooting. Now, this update comes on November 14, the day leaving 47 days in the year.Policeman = 47Cop = 47Authority = 47Government = 47 In this case, the update comes 174 days after the May 24, 2022 shooting.Number of the Beast = 174 / 66–Lt. Mariano Pargas…

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