Neil Heslin and Scarlett Lewis are the Sandy Hook parents suing Alex Jones for $150m

Celebrity Federal Government Jesuit Legal Mass Shooting News Psychological Operation

Notice the names of the parents who delivered the Tuesday testimony against Alex Jones pertaining to the Sandy Hook shooting on December 14, 2012. Keep in mind this news comes on the day leaving 150-days in the year.Illuminati = 150Maya Guerra Gamble = 150 (Name of Judge) Their names equating with 112 goes with Alex…

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Alex Jones is an Illuminati agent | Sandy Hook parents asks jury to return $150 million verdict in defamation suit against Jones, July 26, 2022

Celebrity Jesuit Legal Mass Shooting Mind Control New World Order News Politics

This happened July 26, 2022, the big day for New York, next to Newtown, Connecticut. And with regards to the $150 million, this news came a span of 201-days from Alex Jones upcoming February 11, birthday. We saw a similar ritual in Uvalde with Matthew McConaughey, with the shooting coming 201-days after his birthday, and…

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A grave moment for Trump, August 5, 2022, as Alex Jones ordered to pay $45 million more (and the Trump Tombstone in Central Park story from March 28, 2016)

Federal Government History Jesuit News Predictive Programming

$45-million? For Trump’s wingman? #45? Plus, it’s August 5. Again, Trump won the 58th US Presidential election after announcing he was running from the 58 story Trump Tower. There’s been a lot of 58 since then. Here’s the latest, on 5/8, like 58.Freemasonry = 58Secret Society = 58 Grave moment? Remember the Trump tombstone rituals…

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Alex Jones made to pay $4.1 million, August 4, 2022, on Barack Obama’s birthday, the day leaving 149-days in the year, in clear Skull and Bones tribute

Freemasonry Government Jesuit Legal News Psychological Operation Secret Societies

Sandy Hook happened on a date with 58 numerology, and this story comes 5/8, August 5.14/12/2022 = 14+12+20+22 = 58Secret Society = 58 / 166-Punitive Damages = 166Freemasonry = 58*Sandy Hook = 58 And remember, it is Judge Maya Guerra Gamble overseeing the case where the family had sued Alex Jones for $150 million. *Maya…

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Alex Jones exposed for dishonesty by Sandy Hook families lawyer, August 3, 2022

Celebrity Federal Government Legal Mass Shooting News Psychological Operation

Remember, 113 is the number of dishonesty.Sandy Hook Elementary School = 113Stoneman Douglas High School = 113 This news comes August 3, the day leaving 150-days in the year. Again, Alex Jones is being sued for $150 million, and how about that 1.50% APR ad? The attorney getting the praise is Mark Bankston. This…

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FBI found classified documents at Mar-A-Lago after warrant signed on August 5, 2022 with expiration date for Bill Clinton’s birthday, August 19, 2022

Federal Government Jesuit Legal News Politics Predictive Programming Psychological Operation

It’s the latest 201, ‘classified documents’ at Trump’s Mar-A-Lago property seized in August 8, 2022 raid.Classified Documents = 201The Jesuit Order = 201–8/12/22 = 8+12+22 = 42–Jesuit = 42 And notice the Fox News headline, ‘Records Seized.’ Order of Illuminati = 201Illuminati = 150–Heliocentrism = 150 / 201—Helios = 68—Mar-A-Lago = 68—Donald John Trump =…

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Mirrorball’s Xanadu performance on Masked Singer Australia the eve of Olivia Newton-John’s death, August 7, 2022

Catholic Church Celebrity Entertainment Esoteric History Jesuit Murder by Numbers New World Order News

This was a Season 4 tribute. *Four, associated with death In light of this happening on the Australian version of the Masked Singer, the night before Olivia Newton-John’s death at 73, notice the #Gematria.Masked Singer = 73, Australian = 73Ritual Sacrifice = 73, Sacrifice = 73 And don’t forget her character was ‘Sandy’ in Grease.…

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Judge Maya Guerra Gamble, born November 2, 2022, fitting in with the ongoing Sandy Hook 112 theme

Financial Government Jesuit Legal Mass Shooting News

Notice, Maya Guerra Gamble, the judge in Alex Jones Sandy Hook related case, has a November 2 birthday, or 11/2, a lot like 112. Again, Alex Jones birthday is February 11, or 11/2, also like 112. And the parents suing him have names equating to 112 as well. Recall, 112 is the the Sandy Hook…

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Biden signs executive order aimed at safeguarding abortion, August 3, 2022, in clear Illuminati tribute

Federal Government Murder by Numbers News Satanic

This stuff is sick. I suppose the federal government, sitting on the 38th Parallel North, is paying tribute to ‘murder’ on the subject of abortion. The word ‘mother’ also fits in. Remember Chris Watts in Colorado, the 38th state?Murder = 38 / 83Mother = 38 / 83Colorado = 38 / 83Watts = 83 This…

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Michigan shooting kills 3 & injures 8, November 30, 2021 on anniversary of George H.W. Bush death & Paul Walker’s

Catholic Church Celebrity Entertainment Federal Government Gun Control History Jesuit Knights Templar Mass Shooting Military Murder by Numbers New World Order News Predictive Programming Psychological Operation Secret Societies Shooting

Update: They’re now saying 3 dead, 8 injured.Death = 38Murder = 38Killing = 38RIP = 38 Notice, this shooting comes on a date with 46 and 82 numerology, connecting with ‘Michigan’ and ‘Oxford’ respectively. Keep in mind we’re in the time of #46, who called for Gun Reform.11/30/2021 = 11+30+(2+0+2+1) = 46–Michigan = 46–Connecticut =…

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