Art of War | Presidents of 9 NATO countries support Ukraine’s membership and call for increased military assistance, October 2, 2022

Federal Government Military New World Order News War World War

Today is October 2, or 10/2, like 102.Art of War = 102World War = 102 Recall, Russia entering into Ukraine on February 21-22, 2022, was a massive 102 ritual. Read more about 102 in relation to Russia-Ukraine here. Read about the clear Sun Tzu Art of War tribute with Russia-Ukraine on 2/22/2022 here. Read about…

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Senate votes to ratify NATO memberships of Sweden and Finland, August 3, 2022, in clear God of War tribute

Federal Government Military New World Order News War

You have to love Sandy Hook and Parkland are on the front page at the same time, August 3, 2022, the ‘murder’ date, and of course, they’re stories of school murders.Sandy Hook Elementary School = 113Stoneman Douglas High School = 113 In light of today being 8/3, recall my post on NATO and 83 from…

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Biden to travel to NATO on March 24, 2022 due to Russia-Ukraine conflict, announced on Ides of March, 30-days after Super Bowl 56

Federal Government Jesuit Military New World Order News War World War This news comes on the Ides of March.Ides of March = 56 / 101Brussels = 56 / 101Society of Jesus = 56-Brussels, Belgium = 95-Jesuits created to counter 95 Theses This news comes a span 21-days before NATO’s 73rd birthday.73, 21st primeJesuit = 21 Aries, related to war, runs March 21 to April 19.…

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European Union considering candidacy for Ukraine, Moldova & Georgia, June 23, 2022

Catholic Church Government Jesuit Military New World Order News War World War

Notice, on June 23, 2022, the 174th day of the year, leaving 191-days remaining, the European Union is considering adding Ukraine, Moldova and Georgia as member nations.New World Order = 174Society of Jesus = 191-New World Order = 177-The Jesuit Order = 177 / 201-Order of Illuminati = 201 / 258-Today is 258-days after the…

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Super Bowl LVI Sacrifices: Allyson Sidloski and the Moon/Water Ritual Code

Astrology Esoteric News Rambo's Corner

Ahead of major sports events like the Super Bowl – which is literally an American ritual Holy Day – there has been a trend of deaths of entities connected to the cities and organizations contesting the Super Bowl. I have presented videos and posts about the concept of sacrifice — the giving of a life…

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Waukesha, Wisconsin parade tragedy, Sunday, November 21, 2021

History Jesuit Murder by Numbers News Sports

After the huge Jesuit ritual that was the Kyle Rittenhouse trial, tragedy strikes Wisconsin. And notice, the Mayor of Waukesha, Wisconsin resides at the address 201 Delafield Street.The Jesuit Order = 201 His name also fits.Shawn Reilly = 56Society of Jesus = 56 Recall, the Rittenhouse shooting was on the corner of 56th, and 56th…

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The Utah Monolith, 2001: A Space Odyssey, IBM and Jupiter On November 18, 2020, state biologists of the Utah division of Wildlife Resources reported discovery of a monolith that was then publicized in all of mainstream media in Utah. The fact that all of mainstream media chose to highlight the find is evidence that the…

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CNN writes about how Frances Perkins’ New Deal ideas live on 85-years later, April 4, 2020

Coronavirus History News Get that ‘Franes Perkins’ ideas live on 85-years later. Gematria.  It never fails when it comes to news by the numbers. *Frances Perkins = 158 *Freemasonry = 158 Keep in mind, this contrived ordeal, the coronavirus outbreak, it is to permanently alter the course of these 85-year-old plans, that amount to a giant ponzi…

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