Children of Men | A great film to watch in the time of the Covid-19 pandemic, that ties in with other theater including Utopia & Between

Coronavirus Entertainment Pharmaceutical Tyranny Predictive Programming

Notice the tribute to the eclipse in the film’s trailer, of course coronavirus (Covid-19) happened in 2020, the year of the total eclipse in Pope Francis’ native Argentina (and again, ‘corona’ relates to the the light that shows around the sun in the time of a total solar eclipse). *The film is about a world…

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Pfizer begins Covid-19 vaccine trials on twin 9 year olds, March 24, 2021 (Utopia tribute?)

Coronavirus Entertainment Federal Government News Pharmaceutical Tyranny Predictive Programming

Look at this twisted ritual. The key words are ‘twin’, ‘nine’ and ‘vaccine.’ They received their trial vaccines on the 24th of March. Twin = 24 / 42 Keep in mind that is the 83rd day of the year… Also keep in mind the number 9 represents completion, and they could be signaling that the…

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Utopia’s Janus & Bill Gates’ Good Club | The plan to depopulate by stopping human fertility in plain sight

Coronavirus Entertainment Jesuit Pharmaceutical Tyranny Predictive Programming

Read my post on the American version of Utopia which was released by Amazon on September 25, 2020: As for the second season of the British version of Utopia, it begins with a murder in Rome on March 20, 1979, the 79th day of the year, reminding of the coronavirus pandemic being declared on…

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Amazon’s Utopia released 33 days before Bill Gates’ 65th birthday, September 25, 2020, and 74 days before vaccinations for Covid began

Coronavirus Entertainment Jesuit News Predictive Programming

Utopia is about a billionaire who runs a pharmaceutical company that wants to depopulate the world with a virus, and also administer a vaccine that makes humanity sterile for three generations. The billionaire is played by John Cusack. What’s funny about that is his name is a lot like ‘Bill Gates’, the man who was…

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Bodies piling up among unvaccinated in Romania, November 22, 2021 coronavirus propaganda

Coronavirus News Pharmaceutical Tyranny Psychological Operation

Romania is the population of focus in the show Utopia.Romania = 35 / 46 / 71Catholic = 35 / 45 / 71-This news comes on the anniversary of JFK’s killing, the 35th President, at age 46 (the first Catholic) JFK was killed in Dallas, Texas–Dallas, Texas = 118–Romania = 118 Capacity of 15? 41…

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Covid-19 cases increasing exponentially among children, as Pfizer recommends vaccine for children ages 5-11, September 20, 2021

Coronavirus News Pharmaceutical Tyranny

This news comes September 20, the 263rd day of the year, the day leaving 102 days remaining.263, 56th primeCoronavirus = 56Covid Vaccine= 56Fertility = 56 Read bout the TV show Between with regards to this topic, as well as Utopia. Two Hundred Twenty Six = 93Wuhan Coronavirus = 93Order of Illuminati = 93 / 201…

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After 11 days on a a ventilator, Florida teen Paulina, wants you to get vaccine, September 4, 2021 propaganda

Coronavirus Jesuit News Pharmaceutical Tyranny

After 11 days, eh? Remember, the pandemic was declared on March 11, 2020, and Pfizer’s vaccine went live in the U.S. on December 11. As we know, the whole pandemic numerology based, and 11 is the master number. Of course, that isn’t all. The story of this teenager begins on July 11. This news comes…

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Biden’s 500 million Pfizer vaccines, June 9, 2021 news

Coronavirus Federal Government New World Order News Pharmaceutical Tyranny

I just want to document that this news broke June 9, 2021, a date with 56 numerology.–6/9/2021 = 6+9+20+21 = 56–Coronavirus = 56–Covid Vaccine = 56–Society of Jesus = 56–Washington D.C. = 56 And notice the mention of “500 million,”, a symbolic number from the Georgia Guidestones, and from the show Utopia, where billionaires intend…

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