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King Soopers is owned by Kroger, the nation’s largest grocery chain, operating coast to coast.

And notice it was established in ’47, 74 years before 2021.

Keep in mind March 22 can be expressed as 22/3, like 223.

223, 48th prime *Freemason = 48 *Illuminati = 48 *False Flag = 48

Don’t forget ‘active shooter’ also equates to 74.

And here’s some more information further connecting King Soopers to Freemasonry.

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The government reported that the last victim identified was at 2:02 AM, following the March 22 , or 3/22 shooting. What a joke!

And how about that 8:30 update? *Colorado = 83 *Murder = 83

*Consider the 202nd minute of a day is 3:22 AM.

Federal Government News Police State Politics Psychological Operation Racism Shooting Staged Media / Controlled Opposition Terrorism

The name Ahmad Al Aliwi Alissa equates to 155, the same as #GunReformNow, the hashtag created in the aftermath.

Ahmad Al Aliwi Alissa = 65 / 124 / 155 / 331 (67th prime)

Freemasons = 155 *Coronavirus = 155

Notice the photo of the shooter below, it is TOTALLY CONVINCING.

As for the shooting being near the University of Colorado, it has that 112 gematria, like ‘Sandy Hook’. And of course 112 is the alt dialing code for emergencies.

Never forget 112 pound Adam Lanza.

Or that the Jesuits operate in 112 countries.

*Colorado was eliminated by Florida State in March Madness on the day of the shooting as well.

And notice how ‘The University of Colorado’ fits in.

And remember, the day started with “322 propaganda” relating to Islamic terrorism, with the Supreme Court brining up the Boston Marathon Bombing. Read more about that here.

Also, Joan caught these crucial findings.

April 17 can also be written 17/4, like 174, connecting to ‘false flag’ and ‘New World Order’.

Store #33
22/3 date (223, 48th prime number)
False Flag = 174 *New World Order = 174

Remember when Barbara Bush died on April 17? The wife of Mr. New World Order? George H.W. Bush?

And here’s the bit about the Christchurch shooting being the motivation, and that there is no record he ever existed outside of social media posts…

Mass Shooting News Police State Psychological Operation Staged Media / Controlled Opposition

What is revealed in the footage of the “Boulder grocery store shooting of March 22, 2021” is evidence that this was a drill, and nothing more.

Watch it here:

And notice the man, ‘Dean Schiller’, and his channel, ‘ZFG Videography’, both equate to 56.

Society of Jesus = 56 *Washington D.C. = 56
Sandy Hook established in 1956, and the shooting 56 years later
Parkland, Florida = 263 (56th prime)

Adding insult to injury, he established his Instagram account on May 5, 2020, exactly 322 days before the March 22, 2021 shooting.

Of course 322 is the number of Skull and Bones.

And with regards to May 5, or 5/5, 55 is the 10th Triangular number and Fibonacci number, and they’re reporting that 10 people were killed, 1 officer and 9 civilians.

Also, for more Jesuit fingerprints, he established his YouTube page on December 29, or 12/29, like 1229, the 201st prime.

Also, in light of his Instagram being established on May 5, or 5/5, it is interesting to note that from the date the police Chief was established, March 3, 2020, to the shooting, was a span of 55 weeks.

Federal Government History News Staged Media / Controlled Opposition

Remember, the symbolism on January 6, 2021 at the staged “insurrection” was the ‘Civil War’ (because the U.S. Civil War began in ’61, like 6/1…). Now the latest will come on March 4, a date that can be written 4/3, like 43, a key number in historical ‘civil war’ rituals.

*Militais = 61 *Q’Anon = 61 *Washington D.C. = 61 (1861)
*George Floyd = 43 (Remember how the C.W. statues came down…)

March 4, 2021 will be 88 years since March 4, 1933.
*Trump = 88

Federal Government News Staged Media / Controlled Opposition

What a story for March 3, 2021. The key here is 33.

Of course Alex Jones is on the ‘Genesis’ Radio Network, and the Trump family was once the ‘Drumpf’ family.

And don’t forget that Alex Jones and Donald Trump both plunked into the toilet out of the same gematria turd canal.

Federal = 138 / 33
Masonry = 33
Freemason = 48

And notice how they put the 322 stamp on the headline.

Think Skull and Bones ‘Bonesmen’ 322…

And fittingly, Alex Jones and Newtown, CT are in the headlines today as well.

blood on the streets = 72 *Jesuit Order = 72

Keep in mind that today is Trump’s 263rd day of his age.

263, 56th prime

Read about the big 56 ritual with Sandy Hook.

Read about Stoneman Douglas shooting and 263.

Controlled Opposition Government News Staged Media / Controlled Opposition
They don’t call Portland RIP City for nothing…

Why would Portland, Oregon, the (503) be targeted with a massive ICE protest? Gematria makes it clear…

*ICE stands for U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement

And more specifically, notice how it connects with ‘Pearl District’.

503, 96th prime *Freemason = 96
197, 45th prime number *Ritual = 45

This was a ritual, on the 27th.

And that’s why the city was vandalized on the 58th day of the year.

Notice, this happened on the 58th day of the year, while the mayor of Portland, Ted Wheeler, is 58 years old.

Secrecy Society = 58 *Freemasonry = 58 *Rosicrucian = 58

Furthermore, it happened on his 181st day of his age, the 42nd prime number.

Freemason = 42 *Jesuit = 42 *February = 42

503, 96th prime; 181, 42nd prime

And notice how ‘Ted Wheeler’ fits in.

And keep in mind the protesters were dressed in all black, and this came at the end of Black History Month.

Of course Portland has been used in several rituals with Black Lives Matter and Antifa, including the September 11, 2021 smoke out and the January 11, 2021 Antifa-Andy Ngo-Powell’s book store closure.

Read more about Portland related rituals here.

Federal Freemasonry Government Jesuit News Police State Politics Staged Media / Controlled Opposition War

Notice the emphasis on ‘came prepared for war’. It equates to 102.

Again, as predicted, and as happened, January 6, 2021 was all about the Civl War symbolism, a war that began April 12, 1861, the 102nd day of the year.

Art of War = 102
World War = 102
al-Qaeda = 102 (9/11 attack lasted 102 minutes)
2020 War on Germs 102 years after Spanish Flu *Social Distancing = 102
Wuhan, China = 102…

And again, Art of War was translated by a Jesuit.

And this news comes on the 54th day of the year, February 23.

Jesuit Order = 54

And the quote comes from the ‘police’.

Police = 102
George Perry Floyd = 102

Don’t forget that after the killing of Floyd, all the Confederate statues came down, including the one of Albert Pike, June 19, 2020, 201 days before the January 6, 2021 “insurrection”.

The Jesuit Order = 201
Confederate = 201
George Perry Floyd = 201

Police = 30 / 33 / 60 / 102 (30 years?)

And did you notice Steven Sund is another S.S.?

Steven Sund = 127 / 143
Scottish Rite of Freemasonry = 127 / 143

This news comes on 2/23.

Masonic = 223 (Jewish Gematria)